Drop In's
Pounds of coffee

What kind of people work in the space?

A dynamic mix of entrepreneurs, start-ups, remote workers and freelancers.

Is coffee available?

Yes, we offer fresh roasted coffee, as well as a variety of teas.

How is Springboard different from traditional executive suites?

Springboard’s members come together to form a community that shares experiences, expertise and extended networks. In addition, there are affordable options that don’t currently exist in the most sought-after real estate markets.

Can I have meetings in the office?

Yes, you can meet in the social areas or the conference rooms.

Is there internet access?

Yes, we offer very high speeds, with wireless access and ethernet connections throughout the space.

What are the hours?

9-5 and 24/7

How do I find out about events and speakers held at Springboard?

Just follow us on Facebook, Twitter and the website will be updated daily with upcoming events.

What if I need to make a private call and don’t have a private office?

Conference rooms are available to provide privacy plus open offices are available for calls.

What if my needs change?

We can move you to a plan that accommodates your needs as they evolve.

As my business grows, I will need to hire a part-time person, can they work at the space too?

You can have members of your team work at Springboard for up to 3 hours a day without payment.

Do you have a kitchen?

Yes, we have a fully functioning kitchenette. Everyone shares and everyone cleans up.

Can I have a private office while one of my colleagues uses flex-space nearby?

Yes, this is a common arrangement for teams. For example, there may be team that has a private office, but their members may use the open-space at any time.

Where do I park?

There is street parking with paid meters. There is free 3 hour parking 1 block away and the Heritage Parking ramp is connected to the building with a $40 monthly rate.

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