What is Coworking?

Diane Daby, Owner of Springboard Coworking Springboard Coworking is a shared office space for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small businesses and any form of career nomad, looking for a vibrant community and workspace to collaborate.

The trend to be flexible is attractive to new graduates starting their careers, businesses that require travel or the person who needs to get out of their home to get work done.

People are looking to become a part of the sharing economy and finding ways to use office space more efficiently and economically. Springboard Coworking is an affordable and functional option.

Free-working independent professionals can touch down, connect with resources, and best of all, connect with people.

Located in the heart of downtown Sioux City, we’re close to legal, professional and government offices. Additionally, we’re the perfect stop off for sales professionals who need guaranteed wi-fi and a productive place to work each day.

How Coworking is Changing the Way We Work

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